Thursday, May 29, 2014

What my best friend means to me

I can't explain what my Bff  means to me, there are no words in the dictionary that could come close! But I'll try my best to find the right words. Kayla your the lechera to my Nutella and peanut butter sandwich! ( If you don't know what lechera is, it is sweetened condensed milk and it is great on Nutella! ) Your the Velveeta to my Mac and cheese! Your the your the Nutella to my jar! Really what I'm saying in this phrase is that "Your the Nutella to my jar, without you I'm empty." :))) And I hope that if you ever move back to Canada, I'll still be your friend! I know our friendship won't end for a LONG time!!! Cause for the almost past year we have been through a lot together.. :D 

July 5th will mark one year that Kayla and I have become friends! How exiting! *screams with happiness* Tomorrow is Friday and Kayla and I are planing a sleepover 'WHOOP WHOOP!' I got a new pair of  pj's for the occasion! So do you guys think spaghetti tacos, or pineapple with chocolate sounds good? Just asking :D !!!!
~stay awkwardly epic 

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