Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hey guys!
Most people think its lame to get so excited over only 20 followers but it's important to me ~^~
And since I have no idea what to do to celebrate 20 followers 
i'm just gonna write about my obsessions.
I figured my new readers should know how crazy I am *_*
So hereeeeee weeeeeee gooooooooo!!!!!!!

My Obsessions

-Marble everything-

I'm strangly in LOVE with marble at the moment..
Like everything marble I want.
Marble phone cases, marble trays, marble notebooks, marble planters, marble shoes, Marble bags, marble plates, marble watches, marble crystal necklaces.
My wallpaper for my phone is marble.
I'm obsessed.
Which is why it's number one on the list..

-Cacti and succulents-

Okay so I have a thing for cacti and succulents,
that's not so abnormal.
But I loveeeeeee them!
I have like 5 plants at the moment.
I tried to name them all but they eventually just became 
"Plant 1-5"
I try but fail.
But I don't know exactly why im obsessed with cacti and succulents 
but to me there just so pleasing.
So kinda aesthetic..


Okay so i'm obsessed with pens but you can't blame me because it runs in the family.
My dad is obsessed with pens,
My dad's aunt is obsessed with pens.
So I don't feel like a oddball for being obsessed with pens.
There is this one pen that is on my want board on pintrest and I want it so baddddd.
Like I would pay $20 for it but luckily for me its only $5.
The pen has the matterial i'm obsessed with too so that just makes it even more of a absoulute need.
This is the pen of my dreams..


Okay so this kinda goes with the whole pen thing,
But I have a serious problem when it comes to notebooks..
Think not?
Okay well picture this..
* Is in store shopping,
see's notebook isle,
thinks to self "Oh i'll just look'
See's notebook I absoulutelycan not live without,
Buys notebook.
Says to self 'This is too pretty to waste on doodles i'll save it for something important"
*Year 2020 finds old dusty notebook*
Oh that's where that was!* 
See my struggle?

-Blackand white pattern that im obsessed with but it doesn't have a name i think-

Okay so I love this pattern,
I found a skirt at ross that is knee length in this pattern and I flipped out.
I don't even know why i'm obsessed with it?

I think it probably has something to do with my tumblr addiction.. oops.


Okay so notebooks and cups are the too biggest problems that I have,
because my mom complains about the lack of kitchen space because of my mugs and cups.
I have problems..
but theres just so many and I need them all.


Okay so I draw these all the time,
No joke.
But i love them and there just so simple!
I draw them on napkins at restrants all in my many notebooks.
Sometimes i draw them on my hands.
I just think there so pretty.

-Floppy hats-

I have always wanted a floppy hat but I haven't ever been able 
to find the perfect one!
Then I seen it,
hanging there all fine on that hook,
And I knew it was the hat for me.
But unfortunatly I didnt have any money.
But trust me when I say this,
I am going to get that hat.


Okay so it's alil weird that im pretty obsessed 
with eyebrows,
especially since my eyebrows are a mess.
I will spend hours watching videos of people doing 
there eyebrows perfectly.
It's just so satisfying.
When people talk to me I will check there eyebrows out
to see if they good or nah.
'How am I supposed to like your personality if I don't even like your eyebrows.'
Joking i'm not cruel,
I just seen that on pintrest and since we were on the topic of eyebrows it seemed good.


Well that is all I can think of that i'm obsessed with right now.
Do you guys have any weird or normal obsessions?
If so you should comment so I don't feel so alone.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh how I love you.

Oh how I love you..

Happy late Valentines day!

I didn't get to post for valentines day,
Sorry, I was waiting on reciving cute valentines so I could post a picture of them.
But no,
I didnt recive any.
Well I recived a bear and chocolate :)
You know who you are ;)
But now I feel in the mood to blog.
I went to panera bread today for the first time!
It was okay..
I'm a picky eater but im trying new things and trying to eat healthier this year!

So what do you do for the people you love?
Help them,
make them happy,
Love them,
we try.
But unlike most people i have odd ways of showing my love,
Like one minute I can be all huggy and calling you cute names,
Then the next I could be giving you judgy looks and stuff.
So i'm weird.
You can tell the people im most comfortable around if I haul off and punch them really hard,
But of course it's for a reason,
But seriously when you need me I will be there,
I will never betray you,
Or go tell your darkest secrets and regerts to everybody
I will help you when your broken,
and love you when you thought you were unloveable.
I will stay up till 6 am having deep conversations,
face to face of course because I cant stay up that late on my own..
I will hold your hand when your scared and wipe your tears when your sad.
I will do everything in my power to make you happy.
If were hanging out with a group and I see your upset I will drop everything to see whats wrong and help.
Oh how I love you..
I will always love you -3-
*Kisses cheek and gives tight bear hug*
How do you show the people you love that you love them?

tototo animated hayao miyazaki smile teeth smile grin happy joy photo totooooooooooooo.gif
Till next time!



Sunday, February 7, 2016

Let's embark on this journey of positivity together


So i realize i've been rather depressing lately,
So I decided to do a positive post!
I figured I would tell you all my favorite things
and stuff that makes me happy!

Fav. song
At the moment 'Through all of it by Colton Dixon'
and 'Forever by Kari Jobe'
I just like love those two songs so much.

It makes me so happy if like someone just comes up and hugs me and acts happy to see me,

♡ Fav. food
Right now my favorite food would be between chicken fries, 
and sesame chicken and rice with shrimp sauce.

♡ I love when somebody will just randomly text me and tell me how much they apprciate me.

♡ Fav. animal
I'm in love with llamas and alpacas

I'm so relived when somebody else orders my food for me because im a nervous wreck when it comes to ordering my food, it's weird but I will love you forever if you order my food for me.

♡ Fav. book
To all the boys i've loved before,
I love the cover of the book and everything. 

♡ I love receiving compliments,
It boosts my confidence and makes me feel good :)

♡ Fav. Color
Is it bad that my favorite color is black?
black and grey are my two favorite colors.

♡ I love when my friends will hold my hand,
It's kinda like a reminder that i'm not alone.

♡ Fav. store
Well my favorite store would probably be either target
or books a million.

♡ I love having inside jokes,
it makes me feel like we have a bond

♡ Fav. drink 
Probably iced sweet tea

♡ I love finding a good book then telling my friend about it
and then they read it and we obsess over it together.

♡ Fav. movie
Personally I say every movie is my favorite,
But I do love howls moving castle 

♡ I love rainy days and just staying in bed watching netflix or reading. 
That's a day well spent.

♡ Fav. fruit
Pineapple or chocolate covered strawberrys

I love drawing mandala's 
if you don't know what those are go look it up because there beautiful!

♡ Fav. item of clothing

Probably my ivory ella shirt,
I love mah ivory ella shirt!
I dont know how i've lived this long without one.

♡ I'm running out of things, 
I love everyone who reads my blog! 
Thank you for all your support :)

♡ Thank you for reading!
Stay positive! 


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Memory Lane

Memory Lane 

Don't tell me the sky's the limit
when there's footprint's on the moon.


I often have this problem were I like to live in the past,
It's becoming a problem,
I dwell constantly on thing's that happened a year ago.
I don't dwell on the good memories, 
I dwell more on the bad.
I find myself wanting to change the past.
Even if what happened then got me to a better place.
I'm a over thinker,
I worry about everything.
I worry about the past and future.
And sometimes I can't help it, 
Like I cant help that I get sick to my stomach when hanging out with older teenagers.
Am I a wimp for feeling this way?
Something dramatic happened last year and it made me such a nervous wreck that I could barely eat much for about a week,
I get upset over little things, 
Does that make me a baby?
You can say something mean and just be joking and depending on who you are I will over think it will i'm about to cry.
Then as I lay awake at night I realise how stupid I was and get embarrassed.
Then there's times I wont even try to talk or embarrass myself, 
 So i'll stick my headphones in and and think deep thoughts,
I have so mant deep thoughts and feelings and most of the time I can't put them into words, 
It's like trying to describe what water tastes like,
You know it has a taste but you can't ever put it into words.

Sorry for the rant.

Signing out 
- Kaitlyn


Monday, February 1, 2016




What do you see when you look in the mirror? 
A reflection,
Do you see more then a reflection?
Do you see beauty? 
Do you sometimes look in the mirror and not see yourself? 
It feels like your looking at somebody else?
It may sound weird but I find myself feeling this way all the time.
When I look in the mirror I don't really see me,
Or maybe more of who i dont want to see.
I will be very honest I don't like the way I look.
I don't feel beautiful,
Not even close.
I compare myself to others,
How can i say i'm beautiful compared to other girls?
I cant, 
This generation we live in tells us to 
"Be you" and " Everybodys beautiful in there own way"
If that was true then why set such high standards about beauty?
I believe everybody is beautiful in there own way, 
Well everybody but me.
So this year i've decided to stop pushing mysef,
I'm gonna stop relying on everybody else's opinions of who I am.
" Why should we worry about what others think of us,
Do we have more confidence in there opinions then we do our own?" 
I don't know who quoted that but I found it on pinterest.
Try thinking posotive thoughts.
2015 Was not so good, 
So I'm gonna try making 2016 the year I get my confidence back!
So far it's going pretty well,
I've made some friends because i jumped for it instead of doubting myself.
And more importantly stop doubting god. 

- Thanks for reading 

~ Kaitlyn