Thursday, May 29, 2014

What my best friend means to me

I can't explain what my Bff  means to me, there are no words in the dictionary that could come close! But I'll try my best to find the right words. Kayla your the lechera to my Nutella and peanut butter sandwich! ( If you don't know what lechera is, it is sweetened condensed milk and it is great on Nutella! ) Your the Velveeta to my Mac and cheese! Your the your the Nutella to my jar! Really what I'm saying in this phrase is that "Your the Nutella to my jar, without you I'm empty." :))) And I hope that if you ever move back to Canada, I'll still be your friend! I know our friendship won't end for a LONG time!!! Cause for the almost past year we have been through a lot together.. :D 

July 5th will mark one year that Kayla and I have become friends! How exiting! *screams with happiness* Tomorrow is Friday and Kayla and I are planing a sleepover 'WHOOP WHOOP!' I got a new pair of  pj's for the occasion! So do you guys think spaghetti tacos, or pineapple with chocolate sounds good? Just asking :D !!!!
~stay awkwardly epic 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


My topic today is... DOCTOR WHO! Oh yeah! Best subject evah! My personal favorite doctor is 10! I love all the other doctors but he's just my favorite. And favorite companion out of 10's companions would be between Rose Tyler and Donna Noble. { I can hear Donna now "Oi! Whatch it spaceman!" } Oh Donna Nobel. :)  It was a good run! But Doctor who is awesome! I watched the 1st episode thinking I'm just going to see what all the talk is about... Then I turned into what people would call a Whovian! :D I gotta a sonic screw driver! My two doctor who buddies would probably be Christopher and Kayla! Those are the people I can go Doctor who crazy with! And they won't think I'm insane! { but I am. XD } If you haven't seen Doctor who I suggest watching it! It is amazing!  Yeah, that's it I guess •.• 

~ stay awkwardly epic 

Monday, May 12, 2014


Let's take a minute or two and talk about ....... FROZEN!!!!!  * do u wanna build a snow man?* Yes yes I know most amazing movie ever ! (But don't get me wrong I love a lot of other movies ) the song let it go I knew before I even seen the movie :D !! The songs are super catchy like I could brake out in a musical right now {and that's why I moisturize } ok that was random and that's another topic for another day! But reindeer are better then people is sooo awesome !! People ask "who's your favorite character " I'm like um.... Idk ,but Hans 0.o I mean he was sooo perfect for Anna  then he turn into the bad guy0.o I mean I never seen such a good actor ! But I would see all these bad things about Hans in pintrest and be like why is there such mean stuff then I seen the movie !!!! Oh boy don't get me started I literally said while in The theater  oh no he didn't XD!! But he did sooo yeah!!! That was hard for me to handle (NOT!) but I have this joke cause how hans said I would never shut you out ! But when her heart is freezing he Locks her in the room sooo the joke is I would never shut you out ,I would lock you in :D !!! It's kinda funny.. To me !!! At least •_• , 
Ok the base ball one is great :)!!!!!!! 
~ stay awkwardly epic snowflakes 
Do u ship jelsa?(Elsa and Jack Frost ) or helsa? ( Hans ans Elsa?) 

How to do a custom Starbucks logo

Sooo this is how you make the Starbucks custom logo like I did :)))) sooo I haven't figured out how to change the person in the middle yet :b but to change the color it should be below where you change what the logo says it will have a bunch of numbers and say color I just put in pink and It changed to the color I put in !!!
I did mine as awkwardly epic !!! :} ,cause I'm awkward but epic sooo I'm awkwardly epic !!!! :D , isn't it just adorkable !!! ( that's my word !!) and oh snap !!!! :D 
~ stay awkwardly epic 


Sooo last Thursday me and my homeschool group went on a Felid trip to dollywood ,and I decided I wanted to get over my fear of roller coasters ,:b I think I made it worst ... Sooo I wanted to ride fire chaser for my 1st roller coaster but it was closed down for an hour ,sooo every on else wanted to ride mystery mine until fire chaser opens and mystery mine didn't look that bad from the outside to me.. Well I was wrong again .. We got on the ride and got buckled up my mom was with me sooo I was going to hold her hand through the ride ,we go down the 1st lil bung and I let go of her hand sooo fast and hold on to the seat rail faster then you could blink your eye and was already crying and shaking and It didn't really help with my mom "OH MY GOSH KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED !!!" That just made it even worst and I watched the videos on YouTube sooo I already knew what was happening and it just made me think of it even worst then what it was .sooo by the time we got off I had tears running down my face and was shaking sooo hard I couldn't even stoped my shaking if I wanted to . But that was my 1st rolloer  coaster experience I got sooo scared I didn't even want to ride fire chaser  . But once we left the roller coaster part I was fine . And I think the mountain slidewinder was my favorite part ! well I just went through the mystery mine rollercoaster again through my mind sooo now I'm shaking :b 
~stay  awkwardly epic