Wednesday, May 21, 2014


My topic today is... DOCTOR WHO! Oh yeah! Best subject evah! My personal favorite doctor is 10! I love all the other doctors but he's just my favorite. And favorite companion out of 10's companions would be between Rose Tyler and Donna Noble. { I can hear Donna now "Oi! Whatch it spaceman!" } Oh Donna Nobel. :)  It was a good run! But Doctor who is awesome! I watched the 1st episode thinking I'm just going to see what all the talk is about... Then I turned into what people would call a Whovian! :D I gotta a sonic screw driver! My two doctor who buddies would probably be Christopher and Kayla! Those are the people I can go Doctor who crazy with! And they won't think I'm insane! { but I am. XD } If you haven't seen Doctor who I suggest watching it! It is amazing!  Yeah, that's it I guess •.• 

~ stay awkwardly epic 

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  1. I love Doctor Who!! I love the 10th as well as the 11th. Lovely blog you have here! I couldn't help but follow. :)