Friday, July 25, 2014

Update's :b

Long time no blog.... yah sorry I haven't blogged in a while,
of course I don't think there is anybody missing out on all this "blog lovin " .
So let me get on with the updates,
1.Kayla went to The "greatest" place in the world{Canada}
2.I've been hanging with my ' Best' pal Christopher
<suspicious quotation marks o.o >
3.I've been playin minecraft, thanks to the 'amazing' Christopher
<again with the suspicious quotation marks o-o people are going to start getting curious>
4.I got new glasses.
5.All of ah sudden I'm really in to llamas & alpaca's
6.I watched "The Lego Movie" recently .

7.Still haven't seen "The Winter Soldier" or "Thor ,The  Dark World"

8. I'm cat sitting

9. I recently did a photo shoot with my mum,
{do you call taking pictures of my moms friends kid a photo shoot?}

10. I read "Serendipity & Me" it's a good little book.

11.I've been watching "Sherlock Holmes"
{The 'BBC' one}

And that is all that I can think of

~Stay awkwardly epic!