Friday, July 25, 2014

Update's :b

Long time no blog.... yah sorry I haven't blogged in a while,
of course I don't think there is anybody missing out on all this "blog lovin " .
So let me get on with the updates,
1.Kayla went to The "greatest" place in the world{Canada}
2.I've been hanging with my ' Best' pal Christopher
<suspicious quotation marks o.o >
3.I've been playin minecraft, thanks to the 'amazing' Christopher
<again with the suspicious quotation marks o-o people are going to start getting curious>
4.I got new glasses.
5.All of ah sudden I'm really in to llamas & alpaca's
6.I watched "The Lego Movie" recently .

7.Still haven't seen "The Winter Soldier" or "Thor ,The  Dark World"

8. I'm cat sitting

9. I recently did a photo shoot with my mum,
{do you call taking pictures of my moms friends kid a photo shoot?}

10. I read "Serendipity & Me" it's a good little book.

11.I've been watching "Sherlock Holmes"
{The 'BBC' one}

And that is all that I can think of

~Stay awkwardly epic!


  1. I love alpacas! They are a really good conversation starter. When I'm faced with an awkward conversation I'm like, "Hey, how bout those alpacas?" They either start laughing or are like, "Whaat?"
    Haha, goodness...;)

    Your loyal follower,
    Eve :D

  2. Canda...ahhh...okay yeah i've been there before like Kingston was AWESOME!!! And then on the water I went boat riding and we go into Canda at the St. Laurence River. There are some really cool islands. You can go camping there, but you have to go the mainland first and do your passports if you want to camp there. :P

    ~Lydia~ <3
    (P.S. nominated you for the LG award: