Monday, May 9, 2016


Ugh it seems that's all I do sometimes,
Sorry for not posting for a bit,
I've been kinda busy..
So i'm kinda malfunctioning at the moment,
See i'm kinda having breathing problems..
It happened once when I was younger
It was on a easter of what year I can't remember.
Istarted having breathing problems it felt like asI saidback then
' I couldn't get air in the back of my throat"
And they didn't find anything wrong so they let me go and I was fine,
Whale until now XD
The breathing problems have come back and there happening more and more often,
Like today it happened twice so that makes 4 times in about the last 2 months.
But the 1st time it happened really bad my mom took me to the hospital and everything came back fine O.o
But since it's happening more it can't be normal.
So were going to go to a specialist.
So I will keep y'all updated,
if anybody cares that is XD
But besides the breathing i've been gewd!
I went to a 
" Around the world " them birthday party
and I dressed hawaiian!
It was fun! 
And I pretty much threw my outfit together last minute,
(Thank goodness for dollar tree where everything is a $1)
And I got a solar powered dinosaur terrarium that is so adorable and i'm in love withh.

I almost forgot to mention,
 I learned how to do a flip!!!!!!!!!
(On a trampoline)
And then I fell off the trampoline and almost broke my leg..
But were not going to talkabout that -.-

Whale anyways I hope you enjoyed this update about my crazy life.

~ Till next time 


Monday, April 18, 2016

You are my favorite adventure

Adventure Time!

So I went on a adventure and took a bunch of pictures so I could share with you guys :)

What you lookin at?
I'm the protector of the emo queen


I'll never let go jack!




Worlds largest ice cream cone!


Life size emo queen doll


And iiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu


You got a problem with the emo queen?


Who dare intrude upon our photoshoot?
We will smother you with hugs and kisses!


Emo queen at her emo palace


When will my reflection show who i ammm insideeeeeee


Emo queen cheesin


Actin gangsta


Don't mess with her 


But first lemme take a selfie


Fizz soda bar


The city is where I belong


The emo queen freezing the moment to savor my gift of effection 


London's finest emo queen


Wait are we in London?


Nope! But lets just act like it!


Do you smell that? Yeah neither do I.


Photobomb much?


Random picture 1


Random picture 2


Random picture 3


Well sorry for the long post with a million pictures!
*cough not *cough
I hope you enjoyed 


Sunday, April 10, 2016

You've got a friend in me.

Okay so friends are the topic for today,
No not the awesome tv show.
But people who are there when your emotinal and crazy but stay with you.
Yah there called friends,
Or family?
Family is crazy too..
But thats not the topic.
Okay so friends,
They keep you from being bored 
( Sometimes )
They act crazy with us
They keep us from making bad decisions 
(or make you make bad decisions)
But we all have different types of friends.
So here's my crazy list of best friends.


~The one you've dragged with you through everything~

your first!
Because we've gone through alot of stuff yet still are best friends.


~The one that you've known sice you were little~


We've known each other for like ever.
I know your pet peeves.
And where you work but thats pretty much it yet your like a brother to me :)


My twin!


Because we don't look alike but we have the same taste in prettymuch everything and agree on everything and give each other our true opinions and nobody really understands out inside jokes.
We can go weeks without talking but still be best friends when were reunited!


The sassy one


Okay obviously you were gonna get this one.
You can be harsh but you tell the truth and we all need that.
But your also sensitive to how ppeople feel. 


The one who you act crazy with

You put the hot in psychotic Okay we are crazy.
Not just me but you too.
You act so mature when everybody else is around so it makes me look like im inmature. so thanks XD 


The understanding one

Okay so i tell you my problems,
My past
But you jsut say the most amazing things that make me feel so much better.


So there's my best friends list!
Fun fact: I used to always spell friend wrong until i read this book were the character said he always remembered to add end to friend and thats how i learned 
( I was in like 3rd grade)

Well thanks for reading amigos!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sunny dayss

So I know I jst wrote a blog post yesterday but I had a "Photoshoot", if that's what you would call it.
But I loved how the pictures turned out!
So I must share them with you *3~
that was supposed to be a kissy winky face..
Oh whale.

I thought this tree looked kinda Japanese
. . . .

Just randomly smiling in the middle of a field,
the norm

.  . . .

I actually love this one,
But boy was the water cold and I about fell in,

 . . . .

Now let's take the same picture but look down

 . . . .

I feel like Ariel,
" Wish I could be, Part of that world"

 . . . .

I was doing the guy pose oops
forgot to bite my lip

 . . . .

I'm smiling?

 . . . .

The wind kept blowing my hair and dress,

 . . . .

I was in the middle of pushing my hair back.

 . . . .

Oh the suns in your eyes? 
might as well look directly in it,
haha, no but when I was doing this pose I thought it would be a good chance to put a bible verse as the caption.
' O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
~Psalm 107:1


So that's all the pictures.
Well the only ones I liked
Photo creds to mah mum!
I am so happy that its finally warm,
I was so tired of the cold -.-
Me and my cousin made brownies today she was so excited to help.
She is adorable!
Doesn't she look like Boo from 
" Monster Inc."
She even sounds like her.

So after a full day of activites i'm exhausted.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Let's be punny together

Hey guys! 
Sorry for not blogging much lately.
I've been really busy!
Between babysitting and packing for camp I have no spare time,
And when i do i want to watch netflix or read.
So i'm sorry i'll try to write more!
but next week i'm going to a camp!
A church camp in Louisiana.
I'm really excited,
we will be staying there for about 4 days,
so I will be there for easter.
I found the perfect easter dress,
I would put a picture but I can't find the dress on the website.
Like if the magicaly stopped sellingthem inthe time that it took me to get enough money to buy it myself then..
I'ma gonna kill somebody.
Well anyways, i'm going to take you into the depts of the internet and show you.... PUNS!
I'm in a punny mood because of the ice cream with the punny name,
The tonight dough!
One pun-ch man!
aye i captain!
okay.. so I guess we begin now?
*sweats nervoulsy*




Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me

I cannoli be happy when i'm with you

Olive you

You've stole a pizza my heart

Let's taco 'bout us

Your my butter half

Some men view marriage as a matter of wife and debt

why did the proton blush? 
It was positively attrated to the electron

. . . . .

F u N n Y


Helicopter rescue pilots have the most successful 
pick-up lines

A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was ticketed for littering

He had a photographic memory which was never developed

What's the defintion of a will?
It's a dead giveaway

A bicycle can't stand alone because it's two tired

The butcher backed upinto the meat grinder and got alittle behind in his work

When you dream in color,
it's a pigment of yor imagination

. . . . . . .

Well that's all the puns for now.

sea yah later!

~ Kaitlyn

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hey guys!
Most people think its lame to get so excited over only 20 followers but it's important to me ~^~
And since I have no idea what to do to celebrate 20 followers 
i'm just gonna write about my obsessions.
I figured my new readers should know how crazy I am *_*
So hereeeeee weeeeeee gooooooooo!!!!!!!

My Obsessions

-Marble everything-

I'm strangly in LOVE with marble at the moment..
Like everything marble I want.
Marble phone cases, marble trays, marble notebooks, marble planters, marble shoes, Marble bags, marble plates, marble watches, marble crystal necklaces.
My wallpaper for my phone is marble.
I'm obsessed.
Which is why it's number one on the list..

-Cacti and succulents-

Okay so I have a thing for cacti and succulents,
that's not so abnormal.
But I loveeeeeee them!
I have like 5 plants at the moment.
I tried to name them all but they eventually just became 
"Plant 1-5"
I try but fail.
But I don't know exactly why im obsessed with cacti and succulents 
but to me there just so pleasing.
So kinda aesthetic..


Okay so i'm obsessed with pens but you can't blame me because it runs in the family.
My dad is obsessed with pens,
My dad's aunt is obsessed with pens.
So I don't feel like a oddball for being obsessed with pens.
There is this one pen that is on my want board on pintrest and I want it so baddddd.
Like I would pay $20 for it but luckily for me its only $5.
The pen has the matterial i'm obsessed with too so that just makes it even more of a absoulute need.
This is the pen of my dreams..


Okay so this kinda goes with the whole pen thing,
But I have a serious problem when it comes to notebooks..
Think not?
Okay well picture this..
* Is in store shopping,
see's notebook isle,
thinks to self "Oh i'll just look'
See's notebook I absoulutelycan not live without,
Buys notebook.
Says to self 'This is too pretty to waste on doodles i'll save it for something important"
*Year 2020 finds old dusty notebook*
Oh that's where that was!* 
See my struggle?

-Blackand white pattern that im obsessed with but it doesn't have a name i think-

Okay so I love this pattern,
I found a skirt at ross that is knee length in this pattern and I flipped out.
I don't even know why i'm obsessed with it?

I think it probably has something to do with my tumblr addiction.. oops.


Okay so notebooks and cups are the too biggest problems that I have,
because my mom complains about the lack of kitchen space because of my mugs and cups.
I have problems..
but theres just so many and I need them all.


Okay so I draw these all the time,
No joke.
But i love them and there just so simple!
I draw them on napkins at restrants all in my many notebooks.
Sometimes i draw them on my hands.
I just think there so pretty.

-Floppy hats-

I have always wanted a floppy hat but I haven't ever been able 
to find the perfect one!
Then I seen it,
hanging there all fine on that hook,
And I knew it was the hat for me.
But unfortunatly I didnt have any money.
But trust me when I say this,
I am going to get that hat.


Okay so it's alil weird that im pretty obsessed 
with eyebrows,
especially since my eyebrows are a mess.
I will spend hours watching videos of people doing 
there eyebrows perfectly.
It's just so satisfying.
When people talk to me I will check there eyebrows out
to see if they good or nah.
'How am I supposed to like your personality if I don't even like your eyebrows.'
Joking i'm not cruel,
I just seen that on pintrest and since we were on the topic of eyebrows it seemed good.


Well that is all I can think of that i'm obsessed with right now.
Do you guys have any weird or normal obsessions?
If so you should comment so I don't feel so alone.

Thanks for reading!