Sunday, April 10, 2016

You've got a friend in me.

Okay so friends are the topic for today,
No not the awesome tv show.
But people who are there when your emotinal and crazy but stay with you.
Yah there called friends,
Or family?
Family is crazy too..
But thats not the topic.
Okay so friends,
They keep you from being bored 
( Sometimes )
They act crazy with us
They keep us from making bad decisions 
(or make you make bad decisions)
But we all have different types of friends.
So here's my crazy list of best friends.


~The one you've dragged with you through everything~

your first!
Because we've gone through alot of stuff yet still are best friends.


~The one that you've known sice you were little~


We've known each other for like ever.
I know your pet peeves.
And where you work but thats pretty much it yet your like a brother to me :)


My twin!


Because we don't look alike but we have the same taste in prettymuch everything and agree on everything and give each other our true opinions and nobody really understands out inside jokes.
We can go weeks without talking but still be best friends when were reunited!


The sassy one


Okay obviously you were gonna get this one.
You can be harsh but you tell the truth and we all need that.
But your also sensitive to how ppeople feel. 


The one who you act crazy with

You put the hot in psychotic Okay we are crazy.
Not just me but you too.
You act so mature when everybody else is around so it makes me look like im inmature. so thanks XD 


The understanding one

Okay so i tell you my problems,
My past
But you jsut say the most amazing things that make me feel so much better.


So there's my best friends list!
Fun fact: I used to always spell friend wrong until i read this book were the character said he always remembered to add end to friend and thats how i learned 
( I was in like 3rd grade)

Well thanks for reading amigos!