Monday, May 9, 2016


Ugh it seems that's all I do sometimes,
Sorry for not posting for a bit,
I've been kinda busy..
So i'm kinda malfunctioning at the moment,
See i'm kinda having breathing problems..
It happened once when I was younger
It was on a easter of what year I can't remember.
Istarted having breathing problems it felt like asI saidback then
' I couldn't get air in the back of my throat"
And they didn't find anything wrong so they let me go and I was fine,
Whale until now XD
The breathing problems have come back and there happening more and more often,
Like today it happened twice so that makes 4 times in about the last 2 months.
But the 1st time it happened really bad my mom took me to the hospital and everything came back fine O.o
But since it's happening more it can't be normal.
So were going to go to a specialist.
So I will keep y'all updated,
if anybody cares that is XD
But besides the breathing i've been gewd!
I went to a 
" Around the world " them birthday party
and I dressed hawaiian!
It was fun! 
And I pretty much threw my outfit together last minute,
(Thank goodness for dollar tree where everything is a $1)
And I got a solar powered dinosaur terrarium that is so adorable and i'm in love withh.

I almost forgot to mention,
 I learned how to do a flip!!!!!!!!!
(On a trampoline)
And then I fell off the trampoline and almost broke my leg..
But were not going to talkabout that -.-

Whale anyways I hope you enjoyed this update about my crazy life.

~ Till next time 



  1. um dunno about everyone else but I totally care about your breathing problems!!!! that sounds awful!! I hope you find out whats causing it!! :))