Monday, May 12, 2014


Let's take a minute or two and talk about ....... FROZEN!!!!!  * do u wanna build a snow man?* Yes yes I know most amazing movie ever ! (But don't get me wrong I love a lot of other movies ) the song let it go I knew before I even seen the movie :D !! The songs are super catchy like I could brake out in a musical right now {and that's why I moisturize } ok that was random and that's another topic for another day! But reindeer are better then people is sooo awesome !! People ask "who's your favorite character " I'm like um.... Idk ,but Hans 0.o I mean he was sooo perfect for Anna  then he turn into the bad guy0.o I mean I never seen such a good actor ! But I would see all these bad things about Hans in pintrest and be like why is there such mean stuff then I seen the movie !!!! Oh boy don't get me started I literally said while in The theater  oh no he didn't XD!! But he did sooo yeah!!! That was hard for me to handle (NOT!) but I have this joke cause how hans said I would never shut you out ! But when her heart is freezing he Locks her in the room sooo the joke is I would never shut you out ,I would lock you in :D !!! It's kinda funny.. To me !!! At least •_• , 
Ok the base ball one is great :)!!!!!!! 
~ stay awkwardly epic snowflakes 
Do u ship jelsa?(Elsa and Jack Frost ) or helsa? ( Hans ans Elsa?) 

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