Sunday, February 7, 2016

Let's embark on this journey of positivity together


So i realize i've been rather depressing lately,
So I decided to do a positive post!
I figured I would tell you all my favorite things
and stuff that makes me happy!

Fav. song
At the moment 'Through all of it by Colton Dixon'
and 'Forever by Kari Jobe'
I just like love those two songs so much.

It makes me so happy if like someone just comes up and hugs me and acts happy to see me,

♡ Fav. food
Right now my favorite food would be between chicken fries, 
and sesame chicken and rice with shrimp sauce.

♡ I love when somebody will just randomly text me and tell me how much they apprciate me.

♡ Fav. animal
I'm in love with llamas and alpacas

I'm so relived when somebody else orders my food for me because im a nervous wreck when it comes to ordering my food, it's weird but I will love you forever if you order my food for me.

♡ Fav. book
To all the boys i've loved before,
I love the cover of the book and everything. 

♡ I love receiving compliments,
It boosts my confidence and makes me feel good :)

♡ Fav. Color
Is it bad that my favorite color is black?
black and grey are my two favorite colors.

♡ I love when my friends will hold my hand,
It's kinda like a reminder that i'm not alone.

♡ Fav. store
Well my favorite store would probably be either target
or books a million.

♡ I love having inside jokes,
it makes me feel like we have a bond

♡ Fav. drink 
Probably iced sweet tea

♡ I love finding a good book then telling my friend about it
and then they read it and we obsess over it together.

♡ Fav. movie
Personally I say every movie is my favorite,
But I do love howls moving castle 

♡ I love rainy days and just staying in bed watching netflix or reading. 
That's a day well spent.

♡ Fav. fruit
Pineapple or chocolate covered strawberrys

I love drawing mandala's 
if you don't know what those are go look it up because there beautiful!

♡ Fav. item of clothing

Probably my ivory ella shirt,
I love mah ivory ella shirt!
I dont know how i've lived this long without one.

♡ I'm running out of things, 
I love everyone who reads my blog! 
Thank you for all your support :)

♡ Thank you for reading!
Stay positive! 



  1. You love me too ( I like sesame chicken,rice with shrimp sauce, HOWLS MOVING CASTLE,black,B.A.M, and chicken fries too)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Honestly why are we not best friends!! Jk.... And I love black too, it's pretty sexy TBH!!

  2. No, loving black is totally not weird. I wear black and grey 99.999999999% of the time. Maybe it's the 'hipster' in me, idk.