Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My weird habits

Is it strange I use a spoon to drink my chocklate milk? I don't do it to anything else only chocklate milk , I hate chugging my chocklate milk,I don't know why I just do,weird right? I pop my pointer finger ALOT when I get nervous, or I pop it when I'm stressed , i do it just to be doing something ! (the 3rd tallest finger.right beside your thumb)! I like to wear to different socks,different color,different brand everything ,(but not different sizes like knee highs with short socks I don't do that! I also like to wear to different colored shoes sometimes , like pink and blue :D , I eat the corner's of my pizza rolls then eat the whole thing •_•,I like everything plain, like pizza I hate pepperoni's but in pizza rolls I have to eat pepperoni :p , if I eat a hot dog or hamburger or tacos they have to be plain or I will not eat them, I like to slurp my soda,like I slurp really loud when I drink soda 0.o , when I fix chicken noodle soup I have to fix it on the stove, if I fix it in the micro wave I can't eat it. I have to sleep with the fan on,and my feet have to be out of the covers,it could be snowing cold and I would have my fan on and my feet sticking out of the covers but the rest of my covered up,all bundled up like a little homeless lady( that's what venelope says off of wreck it Ralph,I love that movie) ! Do you guys have any weird habits,like biting your nails , oh yah there's another on,I pick at my fingers,and I bite my lips and pick at my lips ,well I'm sure I have a lot more weird habits but these are all of them I could think of! 
     ~stay awkwardly epic 

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