Thursday, June 5, 2014

My feel like summer list :D

So I thought I would make a little list of things that to me make summer feel like.. Summer! 

1.) Mario kart,( Nintendo ds in general but Mario kart is the game I play most !) ok seriously this is a summer must have for me!! Like it doesn't feel like summer if I don't have Mario kart!! Like me, my brother and my cousin nick would play our Nintendo's  all the time during the summer we would build forts at nite and put blankets up between us sooo we couldn't cheat on our games !! Now that is my type of summer! 

2.) swimming, so I guess that would probably be a summer thing for every body not just me but oh well. 

3.) trampoline jumping, so I love jumping on my trampoline, especially after swimming cause then your all wet and stuff :D !! 

4.) reading, so most kids don't want to read on there summer vacay,but if it's a really good book then yah! 

5.) flip flops, oh my word I love flip flops! Like my toes finally get to breathe!!  Am I the only one who thinks that about flip flops?!?

6.) sleeping in, so I get to sleep in sometimes during winter but who cares. 

So these are all I could think of •_• but I know  there's probably more. Do you have any thing that makes summer really summer