Friday, January 22, 2016

This is the life

So this is "The Life"

So it's been a year.
I'm very sorry for not 'Blogging' In what seems like forever.
But life happened. 
Life happens when you're busy making other plans,
And thats kinda what happened.
So i can definatly say 2015 was a memoriable year.
Good and Bad,
I've made mistakes and learned from them.
So i guess im alil older,and alil more wiser too.
Like when your learning to ride a bike,
for the first bit you have to have someone to hold on to,
then you start getting the hang of it and you decide to try on your own.
Some on there first try fall on there face, 
others take off and dont look back. 
I dont know exactly where im going with this,
I guess what im trying to say is life comes when your not expecting it.
And thats just how it is, full of suprises.
The one thing i have learned the most this year is not to trust too easily.

Anyways.... Sorry for all the serious-ness
I wanted a 'deep' re-opening to my blog!
Hey guys! 
I'm not totally dead! 
Right now i have a headache from the blinding snow.
It finally snowed!
 Like a 80 degree christmas, 
now this. 
Ugh i want the warm weather back!
I'm totally regreting wanting it to be cold now.
I mean don't get me wrong I love snow!
Just not like 3 days of it and still calling for more.
But aye at least on the second day i went sleding!
I'm A child at heart.
But come on when you get the chance to go sled down a huge road with a pool floatie, Your inner child kicks in.
Until you almost hit a mailbox and have a heart attack.
So right now i'm going crazy from staying inside,
so I decided to do some 'pinteresting' Things. 
See what i did there >0<
So i went on to pintrest and found some things to do! 
So i first made "overnight oats".  
Which by the time i finished it i wanted to devour it!
But I didn't.
And after that I was still bored so I decided to make a 
"Nebular jar" 
Which turned out really cool! 
But i didn't get to finish it becuase I ran out of cotton balls. 
But I ended up with 3 layers so im happy with it! 
Nebular Jar

Anyways, that's my update!
I promise I will start blogging more!
Comment below what I should blog about next! 
If anybody even reads this.


   ~ Peace Out Girl Scout

- Kaitlyn 


  1. OH MY GOSH DANG YOUR WRITING SKILLS ARE ON POINT. I CAN'T EVEN! That was so deep and you are so amazing! I can't contain the feels! I am so excited that we are blogging again! ^-^ That nebula jar looks so flipping cool! And did the overnight oats taste good?
    I love you!

    1. Awwwww babe your too sweet :) And i though the overnight oats tasted good! I'll send you the recipe i used on pintrest. Thanks we need to make them together some time!

  2. Dude you still a child in body too not just heart and mind!!
    >_< I like your blog, but when do I get to see the world through the Mints view! im lonely who is this mint where can I find him/her I need a friend... Soo cold... Soo lonely!!